Early Career/College Graduate: $175
For those just completing undergraduate studies or with fewer than 5 years of professional experience.

Mid-level/Experienced Professional: $250
For Managers and those with 5-15 years experience.

Senior-Level/Executive: $325
For high-level management professionals and those with more than 15 years experience.

Resume Refresh: $120
For adding a job, refining the focus, or updating the look and style of a resume.


‚ÄčLinkedIn Profiles
Standalone: $115
Purchased with a resume: $95
Resume, Cover Letter & LI Profile 
Entry-level/New Grad: $265.00  
Mid-level: $333.00
Senior-level/Executive: $400.00
Cover & Thank You Letters
Standalone: $40
Purchased with a resume: $25